Exhibitor Information

Set up and Show hours

Show hours:
Friday 12pm–6pm
Saturday 9am–6pm
Sunday 11am–4pm

Set-up hours:
Thursday 8am–5pm
Friday 8am–12pm

What is a Peddler Show?

The Peddler Show has offered its fiercely loyal shoppers an enjoyable and unique shopping experience since 1977! The Peddler Show is never 100% duplicated because each occurrence showcases a completely unique collection of juried artisans, crafters, jewelers, designers, boutiques and unique vendors from all over the country for that particular weekend. This means with each visit, The Peddler Show offers something fresh and new for returning shoppers and maintains a unique marketplace for its shoppers to experience.

How are the Peddler Exhibitors chosen?

A complete application including product and booth photographs is required to jury for acceptance in any Peddler Show. All merchandise that will be displayed and/or sold in your booth must be included/disclosed on your application. Criteria for acceptance include originality, quality, imagination, and design. Shows are juried to ensure quality and variety. Management reserves the right to accept products or companies that add variety and interest as well as compliment other vendors. Placement of vendors will be based on quality of workmanship, originality, tenure, and professionalism of display. Exhibits must be of the highest quality possible.

How are Peddler Show contracts accepted?

If the Jury Board approves your application, our office will send you the contract for participation. An exhibitor may choose as many or as few shows as they wish to apply for. However, the number of shows an exhibitor applies for is one of the criteria for acceptance into the more popular Shows. Acceptance is based on availability and category, as well as many other factors including: overall quality and professionalism of product/display, tenure with the shows, quantity of shows done, or any cancelled over the years, account standing, and the date the contract is received.

How many exhibitors are in each Peddler Show?

The show size varies from show to show according to space availability. The maximum show size is around 200 exhibitors; the minimum is around 40 exhibitors.

What is the cost/booth fee?

The smallest booth size we offer is a 10×10 for $395.00. Booths are then available up to 10×40. Each additional 5 ft is $160.00. Tables and chairs are sometimes available for rent. There are no commissions or extra charges, with the exception of electricity charges, which vary from show to show. Corner booths are an additional $50.00, these must be approved by management.

Are deposits required?

Due to the fact that we allow Peddlers to apply and hold space in multiple shows throughout the year – and do not require these booth fees upfront, we require an annual deposit to hold your space in these shows. This amount is determined by the largest amount due for any one booth you apply for – if that is a 10×10 booth your deposit will be $395.00 because this is the most expensive booth you will be paying for throughout the year. The deposit will hold all booth reservations for the year and at year-end it can be applied to your last show balance, refunded to you, or it can be rolled over as the next year’s deposit, which is what most Peddlers choose to do. In the case of delinquent payments, unpaid late charges, cancellation fees or “no-shows”, the deposit may be applied to your account.

When are booth fees due?

If you have a deposit on file, booth fees for individual shows are due in full 30 days prior to the show date. If you are participating in a single show and do not have a deposit on file, payment is due with contract. All payments must be made by credit card and vendors will not be allowed to set up without payment in full.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations made in writing more than 90 days before a show are not subject to a cancellation fee. Cancellations within 90 days of a show are subject to a $100.00 cancellation fee per show. Cancellations received within 30 days of a show will be charged full booth rent. All changes to contracted booth space must be submitted in writing to Management. Any medically related cancellations that are a direct result of the exhibitor facing a medical emergency will require a doctor’s note for consideration only by Management to waive a portion of the cancellation fees.

What if you are placed on the waiting list?

If a show is sold out, or if a show is full in your category when your contract is processed, you will be placed on the waiting list for that show. If we have cancellations, we may contact you and at that time you will be under no obligation to accept the placement. Because we do not know when cancellations will occur, this might be 4 months prior to a show, or 2 weeks out – but again, this is the Peddler’s choice whether or not to participate.

How to add new items to the booth?

We understand that goods are always changing. Changes and additions within your juried/approved line are encouraged. However, Peddler Show Management must be notified before any new type of items can be sold in your booth at any show. New products will not be allowed to be displayed or sold in your booth without prior jury and approval from Peddler Show Management. It will be necessary to send in pictures of the new items with a full description including what percentage of your booth the new merchandise will occupy. Any unapproved or unjuried items are subject to removal by Management.

What are the booth requirements?

BACKDROPS: Your booth must have at least 6 ft. tall backdrops and be enclosed on all three sides – in order to appear as a room setting or boutique within the show. Your backdrop (whether wood, pipe and drape, or otherwise) should physically and visually separate your booth from the other booths behind and beside yours. This helps maintain The Peddler Show’s atmosphere of The Perfect Street of Shops! All backdrops are the sole responsibility of each Peddler – The Peddler Show Management does not provide any materials for your booth setup.

BOOTH SIGN: A booth sign large enough to be seen from the aisle and bearing your business name is required. It must be attractive and compliment your booth.

CORNERS: Due to the number of requests that we have for corners, we cannot promise corner placement. If you are fortunate enough to have a corner booth, you are asked to leave your corner open to make the booth more visible to the customers or use your outside wall to display your merchandise so that it will be attractive from both aisles.

TABLES: Tables must be covered to the floor.

APPEARANCE: Your booth must be neat and orderly at all times. All back stock, boxes, and personal items should be kept out of sight. Remember, it is a proven fact that a quality booth and quality products in a quality show results in more money in your pocket!

PROMPTNESS: Your booth is expected to be completely ready and you are expected to be in your booth at least 30 minutes before the show opens, at which time Show Management will conduct a walk through. There is no early tear down. In the event you sell out of merchandise, your booth must remain open until closing on Sunday.

How is electricity handled at Peddler Shows?

There is electricity available at all Peddler Shows. However, it is limited. The maximum electricity allowed per booth is 100 watts for each five feet of booth space. If a problem occurs, we may ask for everyone to cooperate and lower usage. We suggest that you use lower watt or energy saver bulbs. When fans or space heaters are used, fewer lights can be used. The charges and procedures will vary from show to show. Electricity is available upon request when signing up for shows; however, some facilities require that we send out individual forms to be returned with payment directly to the facility.

What are the Insurance requirements?

All Exhibitors must provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming Innovation Event Management, LP as additionally insured with the signed contract in order to participate in any shows.